Santi Vivanco


Immerse yourself
in the power of words.

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of poetry. Discover a universe of emotions in each verse, join me on this unique journey through my poems.

Under the shadow of the moon in the street of dangers without number.

If the poem that we individually chew like a ridiculous crust, a pocket hunch, a bitter and spent candy, still lets us breathe, it fills us with fear and desire.


In the prologue to this book, the author, after making various references to his attraction to the cosmos, to the structure of the universe, to the antimatter that surrounds everything.

Table and Paper with Pablo Neruda

To my grandmother Felisa, who I love so much. To my good friends and co-authors Gunther Castanedo and Fernando Gomarín. To potatoes and wine. To all who fight against the injustice of hunger.


This book is lovingly written for my brother and my new sister on the day they decide publicly and before God to unite their lives for life.

Poems from the Trip to China and Hong Kong

The only struggle that is worth it is the search for happiness for yourself and for those you really love.

Poems for the Tierra de Hombres Foundation

Two poems for the Tierra de Hombres Foundation 2007.

To Leo

This poem is with all my love for my little nephew LEO.

Poems to Emilio Moreda

Emilio, do you remember the bright colors of your paintings?

Poems to Madrid

Madrid takes me away, captivates me like no other city and at night more than in broad daylight.
In Madrid I am free of my surname and a slave to myself.

Poems by Eduardo Ochoa

Where the herbs grow there is some need for the uncertain there is a thirst for anguish and liberation.

Rice moon

It gets dark in Bali like in the whole world, it sounds more romantic, perhaps, but it is still a beautiful sunset like anywhere.

I chose my grandfather

In my heart there is a sorrow greater than even the one I feel for the lack of my grandfather.


There is a hidden and deep cave, like some memories, which I cannot reach.

Closed Valleys, Ideazabal cheese

Poem read in the Ordizia Town Hall when naming me on behalf of the winery as Honorary Member of the Idiazabal Cheese Brotherhood.

To you

If you ask me the reason for this book, I’ll tell you that it doesn’t have it, just as love doesn’t. If you still love her, I’ll tell you that the reason is her, it’s you, my princess.


You are my everything, I am your nothing, but my nothing yearns for everything because everything has fallen in love with nothing.

I chose my dad

When my father Pedro Vivanco, my dad, left, I wrote him this poem. I read it a year later, on their anniversary, in church.

Stars on earth

In September of last year I was commissioned to make a small book of poetry to give away on buses in Logroño. Bring poetry to the people. I was happy to participate.

Poem for a play by Oscar Vautherin

My admired friend and artist Oscar Vautherin made a thoughtful exhibition about his art and way of seeing the world. This is the poem I wrote for one of his plays.

Poems for the Food Bank of La Rioja

“Solidarity Stories” was the title of a charity book for the Food Bank of La Rioja on its 25th anniversary. I had to participate and reflect on hunger.