Santi Vivanco


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“Where hope, doubt, pain, love, the heroic, the humble, contradiction, fear and simplicity nest… life”
“Santiago Vivanco’s poetry is the answer to a life vocation. The poems they have been creating over the years… demonstrate the intensity of this vocation and their response. They are words that are born from the land, from the sea, from a full awareness of the Universe. Hence its expressive force, its intensity, the bet of the enumerations as a lyrical strategy and affirmation of being.”
Luis García Montero.



My poems


In the prologue to this book, the author, after making various references to his attraction to the cosmos, to the structure of the universe, to the antimatter that surrounds everything.

Stars on earth

In September of last year I was commissioned to make a small book of poetry to give away on buses in Logroño. Bring poetry to the people. I was happy to participate.

I chose my dad

When my father Pedro Vivanco left, I wrote him this poem. I read it a year later, on their anniversary, in church.

Vivanco Wineries

I am very proud to represent, together with my brother Rafa, the fourth generation of the Vivanco winery family. I currently work as president of the Vivanco Foundation and Museum. A lover of my work